Be careful what you seek for...








Terminal commands:

portconnect[address][key/pass]Connects to desired address
portback[key]Connects to first connection in previous connections
portcloseCloses connections and returns to home server
showusersShows all available users
user [username] [key/password]Move to USER from ADMIN
userexitExit user and return to ADMIN
clearClears terminal screen
exitExit to boot menu
journalallShow journal entries
journal [name]Display a specific journal entry
chatlogallShow chatlog logs
chatlog[name]Open chatlog log by name
fileallShow all filenames 
file[filename]Display file content
delete[recordname]Delete record file [Only "record" files]

[Use "port" to make connections to servers and display connections]

[Use "user" to access USER PCs on a server]

[Journal ONLY available when connected to a USER PC]

[Chatlog ONLY available when connected to a USER PC]

[File System]


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Love It!

Thanks for playing it again!

Keep @Expiredbiscuits (the artist on this game) followed to receive more info when we launch the full game (we've almost got everything in the framework polished out now) and you can follow me on @RektAlter as well.

Loving the aesthetics and the vibes of the game



Really cool game! little lost on what to do next tho [its probably just me]



You gotta search for the info on all the applications available to you in the game and figure it out.

Deleted 144 days ago

The usernames and passwords can be found in various places, sometimes in the sticky, sometimes through files, sometimes through chatlogs, sometimes even through the mail.

One thing is that when you're connected to a server, you can move to USER PCs, and if you wanna move back to the server from a USER PC, just hit "user exit" from there.

Deleted 144 days ago

thank you! thats really useful

once again, great game!

Thanks man, you played it again!